Voivod - The Wake

Released on 2018-09-21
Guitars, Vocals. Composition, Lyrics, Production

Voivod - Post Society

Released on 2016-02-26
Guitars, vocals. Composition, Lyrics, Production

Voivod - We Are Connected (Single)

Released on 2015-03-31
Guitars, Composition and arrangements

Voivod - Kluskap O'kom

Released on 2013-11-08
Guitars, choir, active participation in composition and arrangements

Voivod - Target Earth

Released on 2013-01-22
Guitars, Back vocals, composition, arrangements

Voivod - Mechanical Mind

Released on 2012-10-09
Guitars, choirs, active participation in composition and arrangements

Voivod - Live at Roadburn

Released on 2012-04-11
Guitar, Backing Vocals -  Live Show Recorded at  "Roadburn" Festival, Tilburg (Netherlands)

Voivod - Warriors Of Ice

Released on 2011-06-17
Guitar, Backing Vocals - Live Show Recorded at Club Soda (Montréal)

Martyr - Feeding The Abcess

Released on 2006-08-31
Guitar, Vocals. Composition, Lyrics, Production

Capharnaum - Fractured

Released on 2004-02-09
Guitars. Featuring  Matt Heaffy (Trivium) on Vocals and  Mike Poggione (Monstrosity) on bass

Martyr - Extracting the Core

Released on 2001-06-01
Guitar, Vocals. Live at Théâtre Paramount, Rouyn-Noranda (Québec, Canada)

Gorguts - From Wisdom to Hate

Released on 2001-03-06
Guitars, Active participation on Composition and arrangements

Martyr - Warp Zone

Released on 2000-03-11
Guitars, Vocals. Composition, Lyrics, Production.

Martyr - Hopeless Hopes

Released on 1997-11-07
Guitars, Vocals. Composition, Lyrics, Production

Guest Solos

Gloom Influx - Outbreak

Released on 2020-06-05
Guest solo

Killitorous - The After Party

Released on 2020-05-22
Guest solo on the track : Total Protonic Reversal
audio: https://killitorousofficial.bandcamp.com/track/total-protonic-reversal
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnnmqUFGNlA

Blow Off The Omens

Released on 2019-11-22
Dan Mongrain - Guitar Solo (#9) Blow Off The Omens

Virus - Memento Collider

Released on 2016-06-03
Guest Solo on the Song Gravity Seeker.

Inner Sanctum - Legions Awake

Released on 2016-04-26
Guest Guitar Solo On the Song: 'Existence Denied' - Solo Trades With Legendary James Murphy (Death, Testament) and Christopher Amott (Arch enemy and Armageddon)

Alustrium - A Tunnel to Eden

Released on 2015-07-24
Guest Guitar Solo on the song: 'The Illusion of Choice I: Genesis' Album: 'A Tunnel to Eden' Of Philadelphia: Alustrium

Frederic Michael-Grenier - Drumesis

Released on 2013-12-04
Guitars for Frederic Michael Grenier's album Drumesis

Illuminati - The Core

Released on 2013-04-30
Guest singer on the song "Gulliver's Extraordinary Journey"

Engine of Creation - S/T

Released on 2010-01-01
Guest Guitarist - Solo on "Tearing the Walls"


Voivod - Tatsumaki

Released on 2009-01-01
Guitar, Backing Vocals -  Audio/Vidéo Recorded/Filmed at Club Citta Kawasaki (Tokyo, Japan)

Martyr - Havoc in Quebec City

Released on 2008-05-08
Guitar, Lead Vocals - Audio/Video Recorded/Filmed at Théâtre Impérial de Québec (Canada)

Cryptopsy - Live DVD Trois-Rivieres Metal Fest IV

Released on 2005-01-01
Guitar. Recorded/Filmed at Trois-Rivières Métal Fest IV


Dan Bigras - Duos de la Tendresse

Released on 2008-09-16
Guitars, Participation on Arrangements. Many famous Pop artists of Local Montreal Scene singing Dan Bigras songs

Martin Deschamps - Intense

Released on 2008-06-20
Guitars. Songs: 'Sans Elles', 'Rêver Métal'

Dan Bigras - Fou

Released on 2005-09-27
Guitars and arrangements participation


Dan Bigras - Les Hits de la série Télé: Les Boys

Released on 2008-09-01
Guitars. Songs: 'Je suis Cool' and 'C'est ça l'amour les Boys'. Album of TV Serie 'Les Boys' Quebec, Canada

Dracula Entre l'Amour et la Mort

Released on 2008-03-04
Guitars. Songs : 'Cruelle et tendre Mina', 'Urgence', 'L'armée des Ombres', 'Le droit de savoir'

La Rage de l'Ange

Released on 2006-01-01
Movie Soundtrack of 'La Rage de l'Ange' - Musique de Dan Bigras

Elvis Gratton XXX

Released on 2004-01-01