About me - Gear


1 Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Head

1 Marshall JCM 800 Head

4X12 Mashall CAB

1 TC electronic Nova System

1 Greenwood Overdrive Pedal (custom made in Montreal)

1 Expression Pedal (ErnieBall)

1 Bond Instruments Dan "Chewy" Mongrain Signature Model

2 Railhammer Pickups model: Alnico Grande Bridge and Neck

1 Boss Tuner Pedal

Intune "Chewy" (Voivod) Signature picks 1mm


Other gigs (pop, rock, prog, etc)


1 Mesa Boogie Mark V head

1 Mesa Boogie 2X12 closed Cab

1 Marshall 4X12 Cab



1 Vaudoo Lab Ground Control midi pedal board

1 Dunlop WahWah Van Halen signature model (turned up it was the only available at the store when I needed one)

2 Roland Volume/Expression Pedals (one for volume, one for effects)

1 boss Tuner TU-12h



1 Vaudoo Lab GCX loop, rack mount.

1 Holy Grail Reverb

1 Eventide TimeFactor

1 Eventide ModFactor

1 Greenwood Pedal (custom made in Montreal)

1 Boss Blues Driver Pedal

1 Clean Boost (can't remember the brand)

1 Boss Noise Gate (don't use it unless its very noisy)

I change pedals every now and then, will update list when I do.



1 Gibson Les Paul Classic sunburst,20??

1 Fender American Special Stratocaster, sunburst

1 Fender Thinline Telecaster reissue,natural finish

1 Larrivée Acoustic

1 Epiphone  Joe pass Model

1 Godin Multiac Nylon SA

1 Fender Bass VI (with I will use eventually)

The Bond Instrument Dan "Chewy" Mongrain signature model guitar, I exclusively use with Voivod or any Metal Project I may play with


Guitars that I don't use but still have:

1 Jackson Warrior, neckthru (Japan) red

1 Profile stratocaster (my first electric Guitar... it's destroyed)

1 Liberatore Chewy Model Black tainted

1 Liberatore Explorer, mahogany