About me - Biography

Mostly known on the international music scene as a member of legendary Canadian prog-trash metal band VOIVOD (2008-) and as co-founder frontman of prog-death cult band MARTYR (1990-2012) . Dan Mongrain is a professional musician (guitarist), composer, arranger, lyricist and music teacher. 

At 12 years old he bought his first guitar and started to play shows and teach the guitar at age 14. Since the mid 90’s Dan played with over a hundred formations and accompanied numerous artists in a wide array of musical genres. From Blues, Country, Jazz, Pop, Rock, to the most mind boggling intricate extreme music. His passion for music,work and improvement led him to be a very versatile player. 

Dan soon forged his unique fluid and intricate soloing style and complex composition through his first band “Martyr” at the age of 14. He became to play many gigs locally at first,expanding his musical horizon which led him eventually to the Montreal Metal scene collaborating with bands like Gorguts (2000-2001)and touring with Cryptopsy (2005) and Voivod (2008- present) the later with which he performed in over 35 coutries . Not only Dan worked a lot in the metal scene as a band member and as a guest soloist, but also in the pop/rock scene of Montreal, playing TV shows, clubs,theatres with famous local artists (Dan Bigras, Breen Leboeuf, Bruno Pelletier (Dracula Musical) and many more…) in a wide variety of musical genres. 

Graduate of bachelor degree from the Jazz Interpretation program at University of Montreal (2007), Dan teaches Jazz-Pop theory, harmony and transcription classes as well as technology labs, Combo (band coaching) and of course individual guitar lessons in college at Cegep Régional de Joliette (Quebec,Canada) since 2006 and teaches private lessons since over 25 years. He Also Taught at Cirque Du Soleil to Gina Gleason (guitar) in pre-production for Las Vegas Michael Jackson Show “One”. 

Dan also have a few side projects including prog-rock tribute band JURASSIC ROCK and as an active freelancer on the music scene around Montreal…or anywhere music may lead to.






*See discography & Career sections for further informations about Dan’s current and past work.